Tom DeWine: Fueling Growth in Texas


RISMEDIA sat down with Tom DeWine, COO and Broker of ERA Colonial Real Estate about the market growth in Texas and the part we play in it. Here’s what he had to say:

           “Real estate in Texas has been experiencing steady growth for several years. Job growth, tax rates and cost-of-living expenses continue to attract people to the metro areas of the state,” he says. “Austin and San Antonio have seen double-digit price appreciation and markets that consistently have as few as two months of inventory.”

He was also asked about growth within the company and the quality of our agents. Which he replied, “Our company culture and our company-generated business drive both aspects of talent for us. We are particularly selective in hiring agents and maintain very high performance and service standards,” DeWine says. “We start by seeking those individuals who align with our values and business principles. If they don’t share those driving values with us, the production they do is inconsequential.”

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